HUB 925 Rents Space

Our mission is simple: Inspired flexibility for work-life balance.  You can book a private conference room or our unique semi-private graffiti tube by registering with us online. Use our website or app to book meeting space anytime. Want it all? Full and partial facility booking is also available for private parties and corporate events during the evening, weekends and holidays.

CORPORATE meetings, Events & Private Parties

While we dedicate our space to coworking and business meetings during the weekdays (7 am to 7 pm), we do have our after hours "alter-ego" for receptions and corporate events. We invite members and the public to rent the full facility on weekday evenings, weekends and holidays for special events and parties. Since inspired flexibility is our mission, if you need the full or partial space a bit before 7 pm or 9am, just ask!

Call (407) 440-0372 to reserve Hub 925 for your meeting, reception, corporate event or private party.