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The basics of social media learned today: start now, don't wait, make mistakes, improve, repeat.

Even if you don't think your post is very interesting, according to panelist Adora English of Media 2x3, she or someone will find what you have to say useful since we all see the world a little differently and do different work. So let's get all start something new today.

Here's my attempt at something new in social media: this blog. It will be my first attempt at posting a blog, so let me see if I can correctly implement some strategies our panel talked about today. 

Since we at Hub 925 want to improve our audience and those of our members, once I write this blog post on our website, I will include our group picture from the panel discussion this morning for the thumbnail image and push it to Hub 925's connected accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Then, I should tag each of the people in the picture so they can find this post on their accounts. I will make sure to link the words to our connected account so anyone reading this blog can see all Hub 925’s connected accounts. I will also "tag" and "categorize" this post to improve our website’s SEO. 

As instructed today, I should include Hashtags (#) since I am posting to #Twitter and #Instagram, but since Facebook doesn't use Hashtags, I wouldn't need to use Hashtags if I were only on Facebook. And as panelist Will Perry of EVVUS commented, once I post this to my business account/fan page, I will go back and invite my personal page friends to follow me so they will see it too.

As panelist Charisma O’Keefe of Charismatic Concepts, indicated, if keeping up with too many social media accounts becomes burdensome, mention on a post you do to Facebook that you will be doing a series of pictures on Instagram that day so that your followers on one platform will join you on another platform. Charisma also mentioned to use social media management tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Meet Edgar to help you manage your time better so you can write your posts when you have down time, then let the software publish on a schedule throughout the day to be more in tune with your target audience. Then use the Pocket tool to keep an online folder of content to use for future posts.

If you’re a 50+ like me, keeping up with these Millennials is tough. Thanks for your help today, panelists, and please comment below how to correct my mistakes!

For anyone interested in joining us in a more in-depth and technical “how-to” seminar as mentioned today, please let us at Hub 925 know. Call, email, text, tag, follow, share or join